the environment and solicit input from staff


customized solutions that are based upon what is known and what is discovered in the Investigate stage


the designed plans and programs


the results and make adjustments as needed.

Our approach is based upon the following guiding principles:


RELATIONSHIPS and Collaboration

Our work begins with the formation of strong working relationships informed by the belief that it is through strong collaboration with our clients that clear objectives can be determined and solutions developed.


We endeavor to create long term relationships with clients in order to be a part of their growth and to maintain a keen understanding of their ongoing needs as each leader and organization grows and develops.



We all think we have a good idea of our environment, what’s going on within it, how people feel and what they think. At the same time, we all have likely experienced situations where we have been surprised when our assumptions are proven incorrect and our intuition found wanting.


This is all part of human wiring and experience. It is why we believe it is important to be humble in recognizing that we might not have the full picture and that gathering empirical data is a fundamentally important first step in fully understanding what is really going on within an organization. This information becomes the foundation for our thinking in identifying areas of development and opportunity for change.



Each leader faces his or her own set of challenges and each organization has its own unique culture and ecosystem. To effectively create actions and programs that meet specific challenges and exploit specific opportunities, solutions for each must be equally specific.


Through in-depth discussions and collaboration with our clients, we develop highly specific solutions that meet the needs identified and that will be effective for each leader and organization.



All our work is intended to contribute to the sustainable success of our clients. We seek solutions and structures that aid leaders in improving their effectiveness and performance. We validate that the newly developed processes and programs succeed in producing highly effective leadership and consistently high organizational performance.


We believe that ongoing measurement of results is an essential part of our work. Solutions, actions, processes and programs that are implemented must be periodically measured to detect when shifts and adjustments are needed and can be quickly developed and implemented in order to ensure consistent high performance.


Internal and external conditions are continually changing. The world is not static nor are leaders and organizations. They are ever evolving and responding to change and thus so too must their approaches. Periodic monitoring of developed solutions and approaches, in the context of the current environment, ensures timely analysis in order to determine if changes are necessary.

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