Organizations are living and breathing systems.

They are constantly changing and evolving and are subject to both external forces—changes in the economy and technology as well as the competitive landscape—and internal forces, such as the quality of leadership, the level of staffing, product and service development, the level of reinvestment and innovation. They are rarely places where equilibrium lives and if so, it is only for a short period of time.


We help leaders and organizations navigate these ever changing conditions in a number of ways.


Organizational STRUCTURE

We work with leaders to identify the type and amount of talent that is needed and how the organization is structured. The organizational design includes job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, delegation of authority and reporting lines.



We work with the leadership to create succession plans for all key positions within an organization. The creation of these plans includes both  identifying existing employees with promise and preparing them for further elevation of responsibility and leadership, and determining where there are gaps within the organization requiring that new people  be recruited and developed for future leadership responsibility.


As part of the planning, we create customized development programs to prepare the key people identified. These are focused on key leadership concepts and skills, effective communication, and the importance of culture and engagement to galvanize the entire workforce in aligned ways to succeed on an ongoing basis.



We actively work with our clients in designing and facilitating a wide range of meetings and initiatives including:

• Executive Retreats

• Strategic Planning Conferences

• Advanced Leadership Programs

• Talent Reviews

• Staff Development Programs

• Town Hall


Financial Management

We partner with senior level executives to assess their organization’s immediate financial challenges, to develop solutions and to correct any inefficiencies by working collaboratively to lay the strategic and pragmatic groundwork for future sustainability and growth.


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