Great leaders are open and transparent, inclusive, encourage and foster innovation, drive change, attract and develop great talent, have leadership presence, live the organization’s values, achieve great performance results, and create highly positive cultures.

Curran Advisors believes that extraordinary leaders can be generators of enormous success and satisfaction for their staffs and organizations. We also believe that leadership doesn’t happen by accident, rather that it must be intentional. Further, we believe that leadership can be taught and that even great leaders can develop further.


In working with leaders and teams to help them develop their full potential, we offer the following services:



We work with leaders and high potential employees based upon a customized program that is developed with each client. We help leaders identify opportunities for growth as well as obstacles that may inhibit their effectiveness help them set goals and create tracking systems to measure growth and progress.



Teams may be temporary and project specific or they may be longer lasting. In each case, we help them in optimizing their structure, creating effective operational processes and procedures, defining what effectiveness looks like, engaging the entire team so everyone can contribute, defining the objectives of the team and how progress and success will be measured.



It is not enough simply to attract great talent, the full value is realized through the nurturing and development of these gifted individuals. Every organization has people who have high potential to contribute more significantly. We develop programs and provide coaching for these individuals to help them move from being a manager to being a leader. We introduce key components of what it takes to be a great leader and create opportunities to learn and test the skills that are essential in order to move up in the organization and to contribute more significantly.

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