Culture is essentially the set of values and behaviors that guide an organization and its members in how it and they operate, how people interact with one another and with clients and customers.

Research has shown that organizations with highly positive cultures significantly outperform those that are less so. Most importantly, it is a fundamental responsibility of leaders to create and ensure that these environments are maintained.


By positive culture, we mean that the environment is highly collaborative where continuous learning and development is supported and where honesty, integrity and transparency are part of the organizations DNA. Where highly positive cultures exist, employees look forward to coming to work, they recommend their organization to others to join and they are encouraged to do their best work.


We help leaders assess the nature of their organizations culture through various tools and approaches. These assessments provide the necesary information to discern where the organization is performing strongly and where there are opportunities to improve. We then work with the leaders to create new models and approaches that will create the preferred culture and provide a means for ongoing measurement.

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